Throughout my creative live I have shifted through everything to select what I thought best.
I shifted through materials to find those for which we have the closest affinity. I shifted through colours, textures, typefaces, images, and gradually we built a vocabulary of materials and experiences that enable me to express my solutions to given problems – my interpretations of reality.
It is imperative to develop my own vocabulary of my own language – a language that attempts to
be as objective as possible, knowing very well that even objectivity is subjective.
I love systems and despise happenstance. I love ambiguity because, for me, ambiguity means
plurality of meanings. I love contradiction because it keeps things moving, preventing them from assuming a frozen meaning, or becoming a monument to immobility.
As much as I love things in flux, I love them within a frame of reference – a consistent reassurance that at least and at last I am the one responsible for every detail.
And that is why I love Design