For Seed Recruit I  created the first UI Spec try to keep it as simple as possible, I constantly asked myself: “is this absolutely essential in order for us to test our core value hypothesis?”  We implemented and agile process and in this game I can’t be a perfectionist, the goal is to create an MVP and the process is more important than the output. I wanted to make sure that our two main resources (Candidate and Jobs) were CRUDable (create, read, update, destroy) and that their relationships could be understood visually. I decided to use Google Doc, my favorite collaboration tool, so the team can easily edit/modify/comment. It’s hard to overstate how important it is that everyone understands the details and is on the same page before moving forward.
I created a bullet point list with all the pages and was considering every possible view and component of the web application, including tool-tips, lightboxes, etc… . I quickly wrote the following UI Spec for the desktop and mobile browser version:
Home Page (/)
“About us” content below the fold Intro content (title/couple sentences)
Contact Us (/contact) Address / Email / Social Media / Contact Form
Login (/login) Simple, login form or LinkedIn
Signup (/signup) Simple, centered dropdown form email and password ( No Password Confirmation but vew password)
Dashboard (/dashboard) Organise cards based on AI in columns filling the height and width of the screen (no header and footer). Then each column is scrollable in itself if/when there are more rows than there is height.
Users Cards Photo of the candidates and ranking
Jobs Cards Job descriptions and companies logo
Post a job Based on skills and year of experience
Edit profile Simple form for a user to edit first/last/photo/email/password