I help you identify, investigate, and validate the problem, and ultimately craft, design, test and ship the solution.

My role is constantly evolving but the main characteristic is that brings a holistic perspective to the whole product process, bringing together this individual skills set:

  • UX, investigating behavioural patterns and user need 
  • Visual, creating masterpieces with pixel perfection
  • Interaction, working over transition and feedback
  • User Researcher, delving into the mind of the customers because the user is always right..
  • Data Analysis, managing A/B tests and making sense of big amounts of data
  • Prototype, crafting interactive experiences to test ideas quickly and cheaply 
  • Business Strategy, identifying the business value behind every decision in order to ultimately generate return on investment

Show me a solution, and I will tell you what’s wrong with it. Present me a problem, and I will dig into the data to gather insights.

I can assemble a cross-functional team from every corner of the business and brainstorm as many solutions as possible; then I talk with Customer Support, make a test plan, work late and churn out wireframe after wireframe, exploring the vast realm of possibilities. I throw together prototypes of the most interesting ideas and put them in front of users for a quick validation. Then I can give you several fully formed concepts that all perfectly solve the problem at hand. With clear strategy for how, when and what to A/B test, and ultimately what the build and release plans should be. I’ll support the developers through launch. I’ll work with Marketing, Sales and Customer Service to ensure the story is consistent with the product. I will care for the product long after the first version has shipped, following up on data and metrics to keep validating my hypothesis: iterating design solutions, until the problem changes and the discrepancies between what your brand is promising and what the product delivers are, ultimately, sorted. 

Two months ago I picked up the challenge of redesigning Mangahigh, an e-learning product for teaching mathematics. After the tune-in where I set cohort analysis, monitored support tickets, observed user behaviour in the schools and ran guerrilla research; I’m redesigning the on-boarding process together with the information architecture, the logo, the consumer-facing home page, the style guide and the admin. interface.

In doing so I realised how I don’t just solve specific business problems but instead I solve users’ problems in the most beneficial way for the business.

This apparently subtle difference creates clear domains in the overall decision chain pyramid and makes more productive collaboration between departments.  A Product Designer is a good Product Owner, a person well-versed in a wide range of disciplines that understand some front & back end coding, timing, budget, business value, analytics, management, but he knows how and when to deliver wireframes, prototype and pixel perfect mockups. Ultimately a Product Designer knows how to convincingly communicate his solutions.

Good design is modular, timeless and invisible and it never compromise on something that will penalise users.

I’m bringing a human-centered language into complex systems, sometimes my rationale succeeds and sometime fails… the most valuable thing is I’m always sharing the adaptive framework to find patterns and insights: fixing “agnostically” small things at the time, applying “consistently” the solution and ultimately aiming for overall product perfection.