There are complex problems and there are design tool-kits that could help in framing them. Here are the resources that I’ve found useful.

IDEO Human-centred design tool-kit

An innovation framework for social enterprises.

Health Service Co-design

A guide to understand patients experience and make improvements to healthcare services.

SILK method deck

The Social Innovation Lab for Kent, created these case studies about design solutions to enables a collective ownership and responsibility.

The Social Design Methods menu – Lucy Kimbell & Joe Julier

This gives a good rationale for why use design methods for problem solving.

A guide to prototyping new ideas put together by Nesta and ThinkPublic.

Once you have generated some ideas – next it’s time to prototype them. This is a great guide for the prototyping process.

Introducing design methods from the UK Design Council

20 design methods grouped into three categories: DiscoverDefine and Develop. ss.

 Collective action tool-kit from FROG design:

CAT is a set of activities and methods to enable groups of people anywhere to organize, collaborate, and create solutions for problems.

‘Designing with People’ methods

20 research methods from the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art that help designers engage with people during the design process.

Service Design toolkit : Introduction to Service Design methods

Beatiful posters, manuals and templates you can download and try on your own projects.