Wabi-Sabi: a philosophy for product designers.

by Dario D'Aprile • May 6, 2014

Fetch water, gather firewood, boil the water, add leaves, and serve it to others. Simplicity is at the core of the tea ritual: there are few essential and clear steps in preparing the tea but the experience unique, rich of poetry and  memorable. Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese philosophy that embraces the beauty of nature where things […]

Design as a leading practice.

by Dario D'Aprile • March 27, 2014

Design is transformative because of four major characteristics: Design Thinking: ensuring that the correct problem is being solved. Systems Thinking: cutting across and encompassing all disciplines. Integrative: blending of practice and theory. Human-centered: assuring that people and technology work harmoniously as collaborative players.

UX checklist.

by Dario D'Aprile • March 27, 2014

I run this checklist to validate interface design. Thanks to ixdchecklist. Affordance. Control suggests how to use it. The controls map to the result in a simple and logical way. Example: Dropdown arrow is pointing down suggests something will appear below whereas, if an arrow was pointing to the right, it suggests something will appear to the […]

Animations and transactions can improve user experience.

by Dario D'Aprile • March 18, 2014

Lab cognitive research validated that user perceives an object faster and more clearly when it is animated. Designers can influence user behaviours using transactions and animations, it is an underestimate way to improve cognitive understanding of the product interface: features, flows, components and content. From today this will be my mantra: move elements to move […]

Cognitive Science and Design

by Dario D'Aprile • March 16, 2014

I love Google UIs and the rationale behind them.  Complexity is just a matter of perspective, Google engineers are segmenting reality and reassembling it via the text editor. They start with mechanical computation but then they move into the biological computation:  this is where the code is interpreted, on the user’s mind. Designers abstract target users […]

Is my design good design ? The deep link between ux and industrial design

by Dario D'Aprile • February 19, 2014

In my experience there is no difference between design for consumer applications and Industrial Design. The idea of good design based on sustainable development, mass production and of obsolescence being a crime is a core today as it was before. This are the principles Dieter Rams introduced  1970. Good design: Is innovative – The possibilities for […]

How to survive and evolve, two approaches to product management.

by Dario D'Aprile • February 18, 2014

There are 2 ways to be a good product manager, and one way is better than the other.PM (A): Know the answer to any question.PM (B): Know how to find the answer to any question. If a PM want to build a giant application, what is the difference between the two approach ?PM (A) would […]

Manifesto for managers

by Dario D'Aprile • February 12, 2014

I find Julie’s manifesto the most authentic and effective approach for leading design team in an innovative environment.  These are my takings: 1) Don’t obstruct progress for ego. 2) Give encouragement more than opinions. 3) Build the framework to ensure that the best decisions get made. 4) Don’t say anything if it’s not actually contributing to the discussion.  5) Figure out  how you […]

Delivering a great experience requires frontend resources.

by Dario D'Aprile • February 9, 2014

Today a friend (Tiago) forwarded me a huge list of frontend development resources. 

User interface specifications document (UI Spec) and Agile process

by Dario D'Aprile • January 28, 2014

For Seed Recruit I  created the first UI Spec try to keep it as simple as possible, I constantly asked myself: “is this absolutely essential in order for us to test our core value hypothesis?”  We implemented and agile process and in this game I can’t be a perfectionist, the goal is to create an MVP and the process […]