80% of your problems can be solved by Design. Solving the other 20% just requires good procrastination skills.

by Dario D'Aprile • January 28, 2014

I wish at one point I’ll remember who is the owner of this quote… genius.

It’s all about asking myself the right question.

by Dario D'Aprile • January 24, 2014

I’m going to implement the How Might We (HMW) approach into the next product sprint of Seed Recruit. It’s not complicated: The “how might we” approach to innovation ensures that I’m asking the right questions and using the best wording.   The ‘how’ means the solutions are out there, the “‘Might’ says there are ideas that might […]

Measure experience with HEART framework

by Dario D'Aprile • January 23, 2014

In my last project I decided to test the HEART framework to define some UX metrics, HEART is developed by the Google team. It could focus on five categories: Happiness: measures of user attitudes, often collected via survey. For example: satisfaction, perceived ease of use, and net-promoter score. Engagement: level of user involvement, typically measured […]

Reduce Irrelevant Elements

by Dario D'Aprile • January 17, 2014

There are 20% of the elements in a product that bring 80% of the results for the users. There must be a super valid reason for adding new features, bells and whistles… never add more stuff just because it seems nice.

Visualizing UI and code

by Dario D'Aprile • January 16, 2014

asked you to visualize a software product, a picture of the interface would probably come to mind. That’s natural because the interface is the product from a user’s point of view. But for us on the development side, products are more than just interfaces. They’re also the code, the connections between code and UI, the […]

User experience in a minimum viable product

by Dario D'Aprile • January 16, 2014

Does the minimum-viable approach lead to gaps in the user experience? It doesn’t have to. There’s a distinction to make: The set of features you choose to build is one thing. The level you choose to execute at is another. You can decide whether or not to include a feature like ‘reset password’. But if […]

It’s a great time to be a product designer

by Dario D'Aprile • January 15, 2014

I’m incredibly excited for 2014 and wanted to share a few macro and micro trends I’ve noticed bubbling up and being cemented. I’ll also offer a few predictions about what the year ahead might hold for designers. The year of the prototype This is the big one: The age of static, lifeless PSD is over. […]

Why the product is never as simple as we think.

by Dario D'Aprile • January 15, 2014

Cognitive Overhead, Or Why Your Product Isn’t As Simple As You Think. Simplicity” comes in many flavours. We can make products simpler by optimising along a number of vectors… But the most important, and often most overlooked, is Cognitive Simplicity. by David Lieb I hadn’t heard of the framing of “cognitive overhead” to describe products before, […]

Designer should focus on the process, not the result.

by Dario D'Aprile • January 15, 2014

Everyone and their mother knows that good design is about problem solving. Smashing Magazine know it. UX Movement know it. Heck, even GEknow it. I used to be part of that parade too but lately I’ve begun to reconsider. It’s not that I don’t agree with the sentiment; of course designers should focus on actual problems rather […]

My mantra.

by Dario D'Aprile • December 15, 2013

I make things happen.I make technology more human.I make systems that encourage human to use technology.