Building apps at the intersection of
collective values, zero waste and
outcome innovation.

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My purpose is to help customers achieve their most important goals with the least amount of code. 🤫 I’m a product manager.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to learn from some of the most amazing companies in the world spanning media, technology, education, financial services. I have childlike curiosity, old-fashioned sense of responsibility and unstoppable will… I’m often on call to navigate the product team through the challenges in the early and growth stages of the journey.

  • Dario is highly creative and intelligent, with an entrepreneurial approach and enormous experience in his field. He has competence, flair and great imagination.
    — Dame Frances Cairncross. Chair of Court, Heriot-Watt University
  • Dario is an extremely creative professional and a strategic thinker. He masters the creative process from A to Z, while keeping a clear vision of the role of creativity in the larger picture. He's a team player and a very nice person to work with
    — Rafael Sandor. EVP, Fox Networks Group